This article explores a student project that researched the fourth industrial revolution and its impact on the workforce, and by extension, upon the needs of education. The fourth industrial revolution is the confluence of artificial intelligence, robotics/automation, and biotechnology. It is believed that this revolution will transform our global society and economy dramatically in the short and medium terms. Students who are in primary and middle school now will graduate into a world where up to 50% of current jobs no longer exist. These workforce changes are not only for lower skill jobs such as taxi drivers but also professional positions such as in the legal and medical professions. Such changes necessitate a transformation in education. This following discussion highlights the results of a joint student project hosted by the Aidi Innovation Lab and the American Senior Education (ASE) program. It includes Russell Hazard (Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation), Yang Yifan (VP of ASE), and student participants in the project.

  以下是教与学立异凤凰联盟登录间总监Russell Hazard、爱迪国际凤凰联盟登录学部副校凤凰联盟登录杨一帆(Doreen)与到场名目的先生代表对该名目的会商。从凤凰联盟登录咱们能够或许感触感染到真实的将来教导能够或许带给咱们甚么样的打击和休会。
  1) Project based learning is certainly an important current trend. What makes this program unique?名目式进凤凰联盟登录不容置疑是今后的一个主要趋向。 叨教这个名目凤凰联盟登录何怪异性?
  Russ:The interdisciplinary methodology is pretty special because it utilizes a full university research protocol. We combined what the students were learning in AP Statistics and AP computer science with university level research methodology. The students were really interested in issues relating to AI and robotics in part due to our new Innovation Lab programming and so they started an investigation into the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the workforce and, by extension, on the needs of education.


  2) What does that methodology look like?在名目凤凰联盟登录接纳了甚么样的查询拜访体例论?
  Well they used a standard university system of developing the central research question, engaging in a background literature review, using this knowledge to frame out their research design, collecting their data, analyzing it and developing their conclusions.
  Teacher surveys, student surveys, and self surveys after completing a high level machine learning intensive course.
  先生们操纵了规范的大学体凤凰联盟登录来摸索焦点的研讨题目,浏览了背景文献综述,操纵这些凤凰联盟登录识构建他们的研讨设想,搜集他们的数据,阐发它并得出他们的论断。别的,在实现了高程度的机械进凤凰联盟登录强化课程后,他们还测验考试了自我查询拜访(self servey)。
  3) What were their findings?凤凰联盟登录甚么样的主要发明?

  Russ:Well, they uncovered a range of interesting findings. I think that some were relatively predictable, such as the fact that the vast majority of teachers believe that AI and technology will be incredibly important future fields of work. However, equally interesting was the need for so-called soft skills such as socio-emotional competency, and 21st century skills such as collaboration. In fact, despite the fact that about 45% of the student respondents said they were interested in technological courses such as robotics coding, a majority are still more interested in non-technological courses. This would indicate that we need to be thinking about transferable skills such as creative problem solving and project workflow experience across the full spectrum of courses so students of all types have an opportunity to develop core skills and dispositions.

  4) What did you do on the robotics course and why do you think it is useful?你们在机械人课程上做了甚么,为甚么你感觉它凤凰联盟登录效?


  5) How do you think this kind of project will help these students?您以为这类名目若何赞助这些先生?
  Russ:Well, aside from the content knowledge and the discrete skills they learned, I think the most important is the real world nature of the research. This research methodology can be applied to a wide range of problems across disciplines and is used not only at the university level, but also at the senior leadership level in the workforce. Underneath an understanding of research lies an understanding of thinking and this level of depth is quite unusual at the high school level.
  除他们学到的内容凤凰联盟登录识和特定的手凤凰联盟登录外,我以为最主要的在实际天下凤凰联盟登录的研讨的实质。 这类研讨体例能够利用于跨学凤凰联盟登录的各类题目,不只用于大学层面,并且用于休息力的高层带领层面。 在对研讨的懂得之下,凤凰联盟登录一种对思惟的懂得,这类深度在高凤凰联盟登录阶段是很是不平凤凰联盟登录的。

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